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Suzuki Unveils Xbox 360-Themed Concept car

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Next-generation gamers' paradise hits trade show carpet in style.


Everything for the style-conscious gamer with more money than sense.
Sure, you'll never see this ride rolling on actual asphalt, but building an Xbox 360 into the dashboard of a vehicle is infinitely cooler than any bling-laden spinning rims. The "SXBox," as it's called, is on display at the 2006 San Diego International Auto Show, and is based on the 2007 SX4 sedan.
The console itself is actually embedded in the dashboard itself, and runs in tandem with a "close proximity digital projection system to display games or watch a HD-DVD movie on the interior of the vehicle's retractable hood." Meanwhile, another Xbox 360 is hooked up to two LCDs integrated into the backs of the front seats for back-seat gaming. A 30-inch rear projection screen fills out the space cleared when the hatchback is opened.
As if all that schwag wasn't enough, the front seats have force-feedback response triggered by gameplay, and the whole car sports a green, white, and black color scheme to get you in the mood.
Sure, it's completely ridiculous... but no more so than any of the asinine whips on MTV's Pimp My ride.
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