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Hi people,
looking to buy an android and came across this model. What are your views on this? Different sites are claiming different specs. Acc. to GSMArena, it doesn't have a Memory Card slot, but has USB on the go, which is not mentioned in any other spec sheet for this phone. Some say internal memory is 4GB and others say its 8GB with 4GB avlbl for the user.

What kind of a manufacturer removes external card slot and gives 4GB usable memory? Will the phone be usable by Android ICS standards considering its low memory?


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me too...looking forward to buy this phone .if it got good its a steal for its price.expect for low memory


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i personally didnt like it at all...
i feel xperia P is better coz it offers 16 gb storage which is more usable and practical...
the pros of xperia u is its dual core processor,price(16.5k :shock:) and the eye candy transparent bar...

if form matters its xperia u but if functionality matters its xperia p all the way!!!
i feel the higher price of the xperia p(whenever it releases) is justified..


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Xperia P has only 1305mAh battery, I think its the lowest for a dual core phone.

would like to know which phone is better 'htc one v or xperia u'...

HTC One V is totally a VFM device. I took demo in a shop. The display and camera quality is mind blowing. The only problem is no front facing camera.
It is a fast phone, even with a single core inside that is surprising incredible.
It costs 16.8k in the mobile store website.


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Xperia U has just 4GB internal memory and no external SD card slot ..
IT supports USB on the go which may reduce the dependence on SD card slot :) ..Actually it depends on the need of the person ..whether he'll prefer an SD card or a USB drive :)

And I prefer HTC One V over any mobile in this range ..though if you can increase your budget Sony Xperia Sola is an awesome choice :)


Total it has 8GB internal memory but only 4GB is available to the user.
And it doesn't have a memory card slot and it has got the USB on the go feature which is available in almost all android phones.
It has got a dual core processor but as we can't increase the memory I suggest not to opt for this phone as 4GB is very less for apps/games,songs,pics,videos etc and also the screen size is bit small, as I suggest its good to opt for a android phone with a min of 3.7" screen size.
But anyone of you think that 4GB is enough for you and also if you want a small screen size phone then you can go for it.
One V overall is a very good option,the only cons in that phone is it doesn't have a front facing/secondary camera.For that I would like to say one thing "one can't get everything in every product that is the reason there are a lot of models in market, one has to compromise on one or the other hand".
And if a front facing camera is a must then you can go for Desire S, Neo V or Incredible S.
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