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I wanna buy a new color mobile. Which one shud i buy ? Also how is Nokia 3100??

My budget is between 5000-6000.

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hmm for around 6000 rs, i think u can buy only 3100 in nokia models...,
go for ony erricson t230 , good mix for features and price..., or samsung c100, good color display...



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6000 rs...

samsung c100.....

its the best in the range... u may even say that its better than 6610 and 7210...

if u cud streach ur budget to around 6500.. u'll get samsung x430.;.. its a folder type phone...
and man the display rocks! its not as good as samsung e700 or samsung d410 but still its much better than nokia 3660 and very close to nokia 6600

i know many ppl wud say its wrong... but this is the TRUTH.... and TRUTH is harsh.....


hey ! if u luv sounds then buy nokia .. samsung is not good in sounds means ringtones is not clearly hearable i own c100 and nokia 8310 and nokia 3120 nokia wins it rulez ..
i prefer nokia..


3105 is cdma
any nokia with 5 at the end is cdma.
also i kinda realised after using both samsung and nokia that nokia has an ok display but the phone lasts and is kinda tough...while the display in samsung i too good and th phone has a short life if used in a rough way.


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Hye man, go for 3100.. or get 6610i without bill for 6.5 k.. Go for Nokia, coz Nokia phones are made for user comfort and not mere appearance..

I've been using 3660 and its been a gr8 phone.. anyway..

Any idea guys whats the diff bw Nokia 1100 & 1108? I saw this phone 1108 somwhere..
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