suggestions for buying mp3 player??

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Budget:5k.Size:1 GB. Dont want it to be like the philips Go gear one where the headphone plug is so loose that slightest movement causes it to stop playing/get disturbed.The sound should should also not be too feeble/low.
Thanks. :)

Abhishek Dwivedi
man i too need help.....i need a very cheap MP4 player near about 2k or less....i've searched Ebay...dey have a few gud one but i need u guys to help me out in ma search.....and plzz do tell me da website where i can buy it otherthan ebay....


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u can try sony walkman players, or those el cheapos it suggest walkman
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@ abhishek, i hav heard many incidents that those cheapo MP4 players sold on EBAY r mostly of fake memory size


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5k for 1 GB? You can get 2 GB Shuffle/Nano in that I guess! I recently got my Transcend T.sonic 630 4GB for 3000/- and it's good, with a 100 db clear volume level. (80+ is health hazard). You can get a kick-ass Zen Stone Plus 2 GB for that price!

You can read my experiences with it here.


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Increase your budget by another 2.5k and go for Nano 2GB. You shall not regret the extra..I promise.
Cheap things will be a waste of money...still if you are adament, you may try XD which is available in gray market as well as bill. It wi;; fit your budget and has a lot of feature. But none in the market can match the performance of Apple iPod...keep that in mind please.


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Dont go for NANO! Complete waste of money and time going for iPods...

Buy Creative Zen V Plus. 2gb is 7000/- and IGB is 5500/-

It is simply amazing, it plays videos and photos and has radio AND has line in recording AND has voice recording (ipod has none of these) whats more?? Quality is the SAME as iPod NANO. I tested mine out head to head with my friend's nano.

And Creative has recently launched Creative Zen, it is above your budget I guess, but if I am to buy a new mp3 player, i would certainly buy that one at all costs

Just LOOK at the specs, you'll be addicted for sure..


Buy either Creative Zen Stone or Transcend 2GB versions. They both are good and have good sound quality. You can get them in around Rs. 3K.
Don't go for Apple Ipod Nano. It is too much overpriced for its function.
Also don't go for cheap local MP3 players. They are really useless after 6 months. Also their is no support too for them.
I am using Transcend Mp3 player since last 10 months without any problem.

Abhishek Dwivedi
hmmm....guys...zen stone is realy cool one...can ne one plzz find me a website (indian) other than ebay where i can buy it (realy cheap)....can i pay using ITZcash???....guys...thanx a lot....u all rock


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I too need a MP3 & MP4 Player.
I think Creative Zen V Plus 1GB will do for me. But price is bit too high for me.
Can anyone suggest similar at a lower range like 4ks...
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