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Wise Old Owl
K810i with custom acoustics[peter's] sounds really gr8. Big improvement from the stock ones, and its sure to beats all other music phones below 20k.
And changing only the acoustics wont void warranty as one of my friend claimed warranty after replacing the acoustics for loudspeaker for a W810i once.


Cyborg Agent
go for k810i if ur content with music-camera phone .. thing is that u often get bored with these kind of phones ..

go for n73me .. symbian one .. and its camera is equally good in daylight if not better only lags behing at low light photos cos it lacks xenon flash present in k810i ..though reach of which is not that great when u compare it to n82 xenon flash ..

i have used k750i> k790i > n73me..


hell boy
i would say get n73...!! symbian rox.....u can use many softwares available for symbian phones....and yes the bigger screen is always an advantage....!! and symbian browser is also an ultimate thing.....


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proud N73 ME owner. learned the lesson the hard way ,bought SE K810i -used for hardly 3 weeks ,got it exchanged at a loss to get N73 ME.

SE K810i is a very good phone.but it isnt sufficient for ppl like me. I want Symbian ,hence N73ME .buy this classic before it reaches the pages of history :p
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