Suggest a LED Monitor for ~6-8K


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I'm bored of my old 14" CRT and wanna throw it away and get a new LED monitor this new year. The title says it all, suggest guys...

I'll most probably buy locally (Kolkata) unless I find some really great deals online.


Dell 21.5" -S221HQL LED : HDMi 1920 X 1080 - 5 ms - Rs 8000
Samsung 22" - B2230 LCD: Dvi 1920 X 1080 - 5 ms - Rs 7600


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Go for Dell or Benq..they have good models in this category... Samsung and Lg better suited for TV sets..

am using Dell ST2220L...


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i'm using one Benq G2220HDL.. its colors are very good.. brightness too...
after sale i wont think there would be any issue in services.. their service centers are nt having bad image atleast.


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I'm also looking for a full hd monitor. After reading this thread I've shortlisted Dell and BenQ. Now which one should I go for? Both look good. Dell doesn't come with DVI cable though and I have a 460GTX which doesn't have a VGA port. Although I have a DVI to VGA converter which I'm using right now too. What would you lot recommend?
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