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I don't need to explain you guys the hype surrounded with Redmi Note 3,right?
well help me out with this situation,today I successfully got Redmi note 3 in my cart and didn't got COD option IDK why?
it was mentioned in the product page that the product will be available in the given pin code and that too with COD.

I can't make an order through debit card because the phone was not available in my home town(Jharkhand) so instead what I did was I transferred 12k to my room-mate's account and told him to claim the product and somehow I will get it from him through courier or someone.

I am done with with its been 3 months I am using the shitty Samsung keypad phone and my patience is dying,I know because of all this hate and patience clustering my brain I won't be successful in taking a rational decision,rather I wan't you guys to tell me what set of choice should I make to get a good outcome,in other words I don't end up with a shitty product and whine for next 1 or 2 years thinking "why didn't I went for something else".

These are the options I can think of.

* wait for next flash sale get the product successfully from AMAZON by ordering via Debit card.

* Seek for an alternative,apart from NOTE 3.
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1) You can try buying from directly.They offer COD. Check if they deliver to you address.

2)If you want someother easy to get mobile.Have look at the new Moto G4 Plus.(I know its not as good as RN3 but way better than those Samsung phones).


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