Stratched or broken screen?


Right off the assembly line
Hey guys i have c6-01 and i dropped it from 1.70 meters last week.

I am gonna change LCD screen or Digitizer but i don't understand which one is the stratched/broken part?

How can i understand that?

These are the photos:


Right off the assembly line
it must be the screen...front glass is broken...display is working fine

Display comes from LCD Screen. Front glass is Digitizer (Touch Panel).

No the glass screen that protects the touch panel.

Front part is Touch Panel (cheap) (touching screen)
Back part is LCD Screen (expensive) (display comes there)

I still don't understand which one is broken/stratched? You guys didn't give me a clear answer?


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display looks fine else the icons too should have been broken or at least have black lines that indicate cracks.


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Hmm, it seems the glass that protects the display is broken. The display seems fine to me. It would have turned black otherwise, just like Sam said. :)
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