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Strange Problem wth N72!

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I had a mp3 track sent to my N72 from my friend's N73,I received it as a sms from bluetooth whn I tried saving it on my memory card it gave an error . I faced the same problem while saving other tracks from a N91.

Its gives me this Error---
Music Player:
Not enough memory to perform operation.Delete some data first.

I have sufficinet memory free in phone as well as memory card!!

Can someone guess the issue??

Phone Memory 17MB free!
Memory Card 319MB free!


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you should kill some apps which are running
hope u know that keeping the menu button pressed with show all the opened softwares


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my friend also facing same problem with his n72, but after restarting phone, i think it will solve temporarily


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well its the not a big problem

when n72 saves any file received via BT to memory card it does so by first making a

copy of it in the phone's internal memory and then moving it to the card

so make sure u have enough free phone memory(atleast equal to or greater than the file

u want to save) before saving the file

it happened to me too but resolved it by the above mentioned method
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