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[For Sale] STEAM games of your choice at a huge discount!

I am willing to gift steam games at 85% of the price, ppl willing to buy can contact me.

$150 worth of credit is with me.
Buying watch dogs at $59.99 will cost you:
59.99*0.85 = 50.9915
$50.9915 to ₹3060


$1 = ₹60 (Lower than usual)
Originally it would have costed you:
59.99usd to inr
3750inr (all inclusive of bank-currency conversion fees)

Money transfer will be via bank or hand to hand.
Pricing is already the least possible and is non-negotiable.
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My username is utkarshns, so please figure out the steam account link. I am not much into the gaming scene now.
That is why I want to give you all of you games at discounted rates.
The credit in my account is a gift from steam itself for helping then out with some bug.
I am ready to escrow if someone wants foolproof trade.
Buyer and i will have to pay the escrow some fees if needed.

Thank u.

STEAM Account link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/utkarshns
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Wise Old Owl
ok so you got 150$ from steam as a gift but why and how did you spend more than 600$ to giveaway............
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