[Complaint] Stay Away from Snap deal - Bitter Experience of buying an Asus X53 TA

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Hi Everyone

I'm posting this from my other thread, hoping it benefits everyone and noone has to go through what I experienced;

before placing the order with snap deal, I called them twice to confirm the X53 was in stock and they reassured me that it was in stock and I can go ahead and confidently place my order - after I placed my order, the x53 was marked out of stock, but few hours later, they marked it in stock again- My order page was showing est. delivery date as 27th may

COD was not being offered with X53 so I paid the entire amount upfront on 22nd may and was really excited having found an x53 in stock.... On 23rd ordered 4gb corsair RAm from flipkart - which arrived in record time as usual

but as for the laptop- 22nd went 23rd, 24th, 25th....and still no response from snapdeal confirming the shipment with tracking no.....my order page showed the status as "processing"

On 27th May I called up customer service and he said that the laptop has been dispatched and smooth talked me by saying it will definitely reach my house on 31st may and that they would send me tracking no. 28th may, 29,30,31, 1st june - still no laptop or tracking no.

snapdeal cheated me in the most despicable way..

My brother called customer care again on 2nd june and to our shock, they guy responded that they never shipped my order as it was out of stock - Imagine the audacity to say that to a customers face after they themselves said that my order was shipped and would "definitely reach your hands on 31st saaar" Bro gave the guy a piece of his mind and blasted him left, right and center for half an hour- in the end felt almost sorry for the dude who attended our call. And to add the icing on the cake, they replied that it would take 10 days, yes you read that right - 10 days for us to get the refund -citing that it's their bank's procedure yada yada! Unbelievable! 10 days to get a refund - when they greedily snatch your money in seconds! I will never ever deal with snap deal again - and I wholeheartedly suggest you never go anywhere near them!

Update June 08:

Got the refund today - My mind is back to zen state again - but learned my lesson - "Never deal with Snap Deal"

From my experience with snap deal - here is what I'm able to piece together how snap deal works - the customer center guys look at stock based on the website itself - I don't think they have any access to their internal stock keeping system - when I first placed the order for the X53, midway through the checkout process, the page hung up on me and when I returned to buy again it was marked out of stock - and call center dude said that another person bought it - but my brother insisted that we had blocked the stock by checking out and that it will reset itself within sometime - true enough after 10 mins I received a mail from them - "you could not successfully complete payment fot the Asus x53 - would you like to try again?" I clicked yes, and the laptop was added to my cart again -

This is something the customer care guys should be able to know, but they didn't - Hence my strong suspicion that they tell you availability by looking at the website itself -

Next, after you order and call regarding follow ups, they keep on assuring you that you will receive the product on "xth date" for sure.

After said date passes and when they can no longer sweet talk you, they tell the truth that
they are unable to send item to you and you'll get refund after 10 days!

At the very least I got the refund and learnt my lesson. From now on I'll pretend snapdeal.com doesn't exist.
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But I had no problems with SD. Have ordered around 10-12 products. Most reached in 4 days but 2-3 took around 12-15 days.
And yes all orders were through COD option.

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Hi saswat23

That is great to know! Looks like COD is the right way to deal with them from ur experience - no tension for us at least!


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I have mixed experiences with SnapDeal. I ordered a Fitness package service for a family member of mine ;). The deal page was listed all inclusive. We gave call to SnapDeal and both the gym which was giving the offer to confirm about hidden charges and they said nothing, just pay and come.

So we went on and purchased that service from SnapDeal.com

However when she reached the gym, a host of other charges and that too insensible amount like 150 per month for shoe rack and then 500 per month for locker and many other was shown to her and without those she was not allowed to attend the gym along with extra TAX to be paid there again.

She came back and we went on to complain to SnapDeal.com about the same.

The issue went on back and forth for a month and they only SnapDeal agreed to refund.

However since the issue was not just with SpanDeal directly, I cant blame them only. However bitter experiences always makes you think for avoid the place so its not that I wont shop from there but yes after reading your experiences, I would think twice and will prefer written communication with them before placing any order.


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same with me , i order micromax q5c cdma mobile on 26.08.2012. but they did not ship my order . they promised to ship it within 24 hours. calling after calling , email after emails i had to cancel my order , and now waiting for refund, as i pay via credit card .

when I order the site shows the product "In-Stock" , now after my case they remove the product from the site completely!!! Strange .

Never order any CDMA mobile from snapdeal.com


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snapdeal is a thief

Hi All

I had a very bad experience too- i ordered 2 FCUK watches
one was delivered in a bad condition (for which I raised a request for return within 48 hours) - and other one it has been > month
Finally i cancelled my order today after waitin more than a month.They had already deducted money from my account.

I have been following with them for a month now to know the process of return.

But they have not provided any information despite assurances from customer support that someone will reach out to me.

Today I had a call with Supervisor- he promised a personnal from snapdeal will call. Lets see.

In all does anybody know the number of their - refunds department- so that i dont have to deal with stupid customer folks.?

This is the last time- i am shopping with them for any item with a pre payment option

By doing all this - they are indeed reducing their credibility in market and
in all even there are offering an item with less money- one shud go for other credible sites than snapdeal


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even i had bad experience with snap deal.ordered a messenger bag for my friend and in description it was written 11inch length but when the bag arrived it was not much bigger than a wallet measuring around 6 inches in length.so decided to not to even take a look at their website.flipkart may be expensive but still most of their products will be according to their discription.
That is the reason I always recommend people to ONLY buy via COD unless the site is proven to be VERY reliable or you live in a country where litigation (for fraud) is quick and easy and law enforcement is good.


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Finally i got a call from them regarding the process

Returning an item is a long process:

1) I need to send them pictures of the product I recieved
2) Then a vendor will contact you (I am still waiting on it :cry:)
3) You explain to vendor why u dont like the product or why u want to return it
4) Then you ship the item to provided address or drop to their location
5) Once they recieve the product they verify whether it is in good state on not- if approved - they have told me they will refund the money.

This process is for someting- I did not even get out of the packet.

God- this all forces me to rethink the benefits of online buying.

Don Alvista

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y do u buy things online there so much risk in it.............it is much better buying it physically .....if it isn't avaliable then flipkart iz he best option


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I've bought like more than 10 things from Snapdeal including 27k S2 also.
It's good site never experienced such things from them.
Snapdeal is clean for me.


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Well never again buy from them
These are the only trusted websites
1)Flipkart(1st rank)-Best, excellent delivery,some times slow but these days some good are overpriced
2)HS18(Gaining popularity wont be surprised if it surpasses fp)-Nice prices,no chareges on COD(Like fp has a 300 rs mimimum),but slow delivery
3)Ebay-Depends on dealers
4)Infibeam-good prices,slow delivery
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^^ you forgot infibeam ;-)

anyway, all these incident made my mind to stay away from snapdeal ... once you lost trust on something it's very hard to regain it again and some sellers are forgetting this hard truth.


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snapdeal is a platform for sellers to host their product, similar to ebay just with higher price, no coupon code, no money protection, etc. now more and more similar sites have started appearing like tradeus being one. eBay is still the best though.


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^ so snap deal is like amazon? dealers send their products to snapdeal? and snap deals send it to you?

^^ you forgot infibeam ;-)

anyway, all these incident made my mind to stay away from snapdeal ... once you lost trust on something it's very hard to regain it again and some sellers are forgetting this hard truth.

Added :)


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Flipkart would be on No:1 and infibeam on No: 2 for me. Normally they delivered the product with in a week for me when I ordered from them.


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snapdeal is a platform for sellers to host their product, similar to ebay just with higher price, no coupon code, no money protection, etc. now more and more similar sites have started appearing like tradeus being one. eBay is still the best though.

thanks for the info .. so other than making profit and advertise products (sometime deceiving) snapdeal don't care about customers much .. it's only focus is to please the sellers.
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