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startup problems blue screen error..


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i am using windows vista on a centrino dual core laptop..i am facing blue screen errors since a few days back.
after the first attack there were 2 effects..one was that the startup screen divided into multiple screens.. after that the computer would get heated up and fan would consecutively run faster(this would happen twice)and then the computer screen would go blank.
other was that the screen would become coloured (sometimes much like a tv screen when a video game cartridge is ejected out of the machine slot).the computer is running in safe mode.i tried running it in normal mode but after about 220 25 minutes it again went into the same state of blue screen and then off.
ive checked the machine ,,there are no updates to install.there was less space on primary hard disk partition.i fixed that too.(2.5 gb now).can anybody tell me what is to be done ??


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ok i googled it and it turns out that the nvidia graphics driver is creating faults..some system file nvlddmkm.sys.i tried to extract nvlddmkm.sy_ to the former and rename the latter as an old file,as told.also i tried reinstalling the driver by downloading driversweeper,clearing the registeries after deleting the original driver,reinstalling afterwards.however my machine is still crashing..and i get wierd vertical lines..anybody??


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scan your laptop using kaspersky or avira rescue boot cd.install hwinfo & note various temperature readings over a duration of few hours.download some live linux cd & see if running that cause the same issue.only after doing all this report the results here.
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