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start of a PP program as soon as PC starts

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I have been given a project in which a powerpoint presentation has to start as soon as the pc is started. Help me how to do that....

Thanx in advance.


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Sorry if it sounds silly, but is it possible to
1. Include it in startup OR
2. Include another .exe in startup which will inturn run the .pps file ?


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I can do it in VB.net.
I'd do like this:
1. Get the powerpoint exe path or check if user has PowerPoint installed.
2. then append the file name with location after powerpoint exe.
3. add the shortcut to startup or registry to run at startup

for example, for Office 2007, the exe is "POWERPNT.EXE" and the file I want to load is "C:\file.ppt". So, I'd run the command "POWERPNT.EXE C:\file.ppt" excluding quotes. Probably full path to POWERPNT.EXE is needed, not sure. Add this value to registry (either user lever or machine level)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"PowerPointLoader"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office12\\POWERPNT.EXE c:\\file.ppt"
You can try this in windows Run to see how it works.


dont you think then its pretty dumb for a project?? Are you asked to use any programming language? or is this a windows learner course? Which class are you in?

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