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stand by mode problem.....

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Nowadays, I’m gone into a new problem with my pc & the problem is that è

If, I leave my applications running on my windows XP pro. for about 10 min or more than that time interval, without any interference the computer automatically goes into a stand by position & when I touch my power button then it takes me back to the welcome screen. now i'm gonna tired with playing this game over & over again.

Please tell me to how can I overcome this problem ??



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Right Click > Properties > Settings > Screensaver > Deselect 'On Resume, display welcome screen' and Now enter Power settings > Standby time : Never. If thats what you wish to do.


Go to Start> Control Panel>Power Schemes
At bottom of menu in the 'System standby' drop box, select 'Never' option
Click Apply and then OK
Oops! This is happening too often for me. Same solution..just a min delay....!
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