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SSD Performance boost


Broken In
How much of a performance boost does an SSD, say Samsung Pro 840 256 GB, provide?

Will just the read/write and boot-up/shutdown speeds increase, or will the overall execution speed of programs increase too.

I think a naive question but will the performance of say an i3 3220 with the above SSD be comparable with say an FX 6300/i5 4430 with a HDD.

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laborare est orare
Only the read/write, boot and software load performance will be increased. Execution is done in Processor and it does not have relation wil storage performance. However, while working over very big data liek in Adobe Photoshop or CS6. the performance might be little better due to lower loading/saving time from SSD to Ram and vice versa.


Broken In
Excellent piece of info, Harshil. On a related note, check out The Best USB 3.0 Thumb Drive.

I recently bought a Transcend 700 USB 3.0 32 GB pendrive (I came across the above article only later :-( ). Unfortunately, on my MacBook (late 2007 model - 2 USB 2.0 ports, Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz + 4 GB 667 Mhz RAM), it is slower than my 2 GB Sandisk Cruzer USB 2.0 pen drive. Not sure why, but reading the reviews on FK, i had expected it to perform on my MacBook's 2.0 port as well. Anyways.
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