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SSD Buying Advice


I am thinking of getting a new 120/128 GB SSD to be used for OS and running games. Budget is 6-7K.

I can see Samsung 840 @ around 6K, and it seems to have good reviews. Other option I have in mind is OCZ Vertex 4 (but this might go over-budget).

I have not been able to find Crucial M4 120 GB.

What choice would be best for my budget? I am currently leaning towards Samsung 840. Good choice? I can actually go up to 10K, but that's something I would not prefer unless absolutely worth it. Kinda saving up for Haswell release :p.

Also, I play World of Warcraft most, and that will probably go on the SSD. However, WoW probably reads/writes more on the SSD. How will it effect SSD's life?

PS: My current OS drive is a WD Caviar Blue 350 GB, and a Seagate Barracuda 500GB is the storage drive.
> Crucial is the most reliable. Get it if you are able to find it in India. ASS could be an issue.

> Samsung 840 series is a good VFM IMO. try to get the 840 Pro series SSD.
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