Spiderman 3 - Big Mistakes !!

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God of Mistakes...
Hello guys!!

I found a site

It gives mistakes from Spiderman 3 movie

some of these are....

1) The first time Peter is out and about as black Spidey, Eddie Brock runs up behind him and raises his camera. We then cut instantly to a shot of just Eddie, and he no longer has his camera raised, with no time to move it between shots.

2) In the scene where Harry is lying in the hospital bed, his shirt is open enough that you can see his nipple. There is a cut to Peter who speaks, and when the camera goes back to Harry, his nipple is covered up.

3) When Spider-man is in the bell tower, removing the symbiote, it's raining and dark outside. At the same time Eddie Brock is in the church down below and praying. You can see out of the front door of the church and it is bright and sunny outside. Similarly, every stained glass window is lit up. How can they be lit up if it is dark outside?

4) In the scene where Peter goes to tell his aunt he is going to marry MJ, she is serving him tea and goes to get milk out of the fridge. It happens fast, but if you watch, she actually pulls Tropicana Orange juice out, then the next shot, she is shown pouring milk for the tea, there is no orange juice on the table or any need for it in tea.

5) During the scene on the bridge where MJ breaks up with Peter, MJ's hair is tied behind her head with a few wisps hanging down and her ears visible whenever she is shown from behind. However, whenever MJ is shown in her own close-up during the same conversation, her hair is down loosely and her ears are completely covered up.

6) When Flint Marco is walking downing the street just after turning into Sandman, two cops notice him and give chase. He runs behind a truck and disappears. When the cops get there, there are 5 or 6 people walking by. From their point of view they would of seen where he went, but no one seems dumbfounded or shocked that a man just turned to sand and slid into the back of a truck. The tarp on the truck was tied down on all sides, so he couldn't have jumped in as a man.

7) When Venom is choking Spider-Man and the Sandman is punching him as a giant, Spider-Man's mask is cut and under his eye that is exposed, there is so little mask that it is about to snap. Later in the same scene, there is a lot more mask there.

8) At the end of the movie MJ is holding onto Harry's hand with both of her hands. There's a quick cut back to a view from farther away. Peter and Harry are in the same positions, but one of MJ's hands has instantly moved down around Harry's chest. Submitted by Nick Bylsma

9) When the sand man is in the truck of sand and the cop climbs up to catch him, you can see the edge of a platform uncovered. The platform is clearly there so the cop could walk without sinking - he stops right where the platform ends.

10) There are several scenes in the film where Peter's 'Spider-Man' costume can be seen sticking out from the top of his shirt, both the 'normal' red/blue version and the black symbiote version. The spider chest-emblem is visible in each of these scenes, but the emblem is smaller and much farther up the front of the costume, almost near his neck. Invariably, whenever he switches into full 'Spider-Man' costume, the emblem has reverted to its original much-larger size and is much farther down the front of his chest, level with his pecs.

11) During the battle among Venom, Sandman and Spider-Man, we see a news reporter with an English accent. She is narrating the fight, standing to the immediate right of her cameraman, who is pointing his camera skyward, at the fight. The reporter begins voicing her concern over the outcome. There is a cut to a TV showing the news report, where we see her finish her thought. Except we see a head-shot of her, and not the shot of the battle we should be seeing, considering the positioning of the camera.

12) In the scene where Gwen sees Peter in the restaurant she places one hand on his shoulder. The camera cuts to Gwen's face and she has both hands clasped together in the shot. The shot cuts back out and her hand is instantly down on Peter's shoulder. It cuts back to Gwen one more time and both of her hands are back up near her face.

13) The stickers on the board in J.J. office change from when Peter first goes in and when Eddie and Peter leave.

14) When Peter and MJ are on the bridge, in the shot where MJ walks away, Pater's hand holding the wedding ring remains up by his face. In the next shot, the long shot where Peter is seen entirely in the frame, his hand is down by his side.

15) During the fight scene with Sandman in the armor car, the Terminal Tower can be seen in the background, which is a landmark in Cleveland, Ohio (where the scene was shot), not in New York city.

16) When the police officer throws the tarp from the top of the sand truck, the entire tarp falls off. Yes, this had to work to sell the sequence, but there is no way someone could lift the entire tarp off of that long truck, especially at the angle and the force with with he drew the tarp. Look closely, you can tell that a wire connected to the middle of the tarp was used to lift it from the truck bed and was deleted digitally later.

17) When Peter goes to Harry's house to fight him, between shots, Peter's hair moves from over his eyes to the side.


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If this is to be considered serious then every movie from Hollywood to all Indian wood's have flaws and mistakes.........

Just keep watching the main stream and enjoy it.....

Whatever may be the errors in Spidey the movie is gr8 for its special effects....seen the sand moving on the road....it is worth seeing it....when compared in whole the movie is fantastic and it replaces all these minor errors


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try seeing if they have one for a hindi movie :)
movies acant be made perfect .. they are made by people //
just learn to enjoy the movie ..
if anyone takes such stuff seriously he should watch a david dhawan moive :)
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