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I wanted to know what is the actual speed of a Intel Core 2 Due processor.
I mean, if it says that's it's a 1.8 GHZ processor, then does it mean that the actual speed is 3.6 GHZ or 1.8 GHZ?


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faraaz said:
Its like having 1 fast processor in series and 2 almost as fast processors in parallel...

no no buddy u r wrong.... if two are in parallel then the output will be less than the least... here..the multitasking is done in more efficient manner.... two 1.8 gigs will share the tasks tht are threaded one after the other. so mind u, the actual speed is not 3.6...it is 1.8 only but the tasks will finish up in almost the same time as it were on a 3.6 gigs pc.... hence loosely speaking, u can definitely treat a 1.8gigs core 2 duo as a 3.6 gigs pentium iv processor.


U'r confusing me guys. Please give straight forward answers.
Will it run at 1.8 or 3.6 GHZ?
Or will it give performance of a 3.6 GHZ performance?


^^ It will run @ 1.8GHz but will be equal to P4 3.6 in terms of performance.
Its like you running and you running with steroids!!:D:D Two different cases but in latter you have a huge performance gain.
bang on target ....... actually a core 2 duo 1.8 ghz is even faster than a P4 3.6 hz as the basic architecture if a conroe procssors are is far better than older prescott cores....... and also the Cache size diff also boosts performance ...so a C2D 1.86 ghz is far far better then P4 3.6 or AMD 64 3200+ ..........

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g_goyal2000 said:
So a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHZ is better than an AMD Athlon64 3200+ 2.0 GHZ (rated at 3.0 GHZ)???
Actually a clock speed(Hertz) is not a measure of performance for a PC , it is a marketing tactic .

the basic unit for measuring performance is FLOPS(Floating Point Operations Per Second) , and in terms of FLOPS a Core 2 Duo > 2 x P4 3GHz :)


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General doubt...how does a Core 2 Duo rated at 2.0 GHz measure up against an AMD 64 bit dual core processor?? (I forgot what they are called...X2 maybe?) Lets assume for sake of comparison that the L1, L2 cache sizes etc are all the same..

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See there are core architecture for giving performance boost not the sped nor the caches.... C2D have the most better Architecture than other available... till date :) So no point in compariing in terms of clock and cache.. Looks like no 1 reads digit :p
.... it was not really that much time back ... may be in october 2006 ... and yea its true that clock speed can not be used to measure performance against diff proccessors ... (mean b/w presscott and conroe or b/e amd and intel ..) but it can be used to compare speeds of similar proccies like P4 2.4 Vs P4 2.8, or C2D 1.86 or C2D 2.6 .. the higher the clock speed here ... better the performance as they have same architecture ...

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^ Ya C2d has quad pmped FSB i.e 266.5 x 4.. This is for higher bandwidth and better performance... WHile lower multiplier gives u an option to increase the FSB to a higher limit :p
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