Sony W810i or Moto ROKR E6

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hi frnds..
i am too confused about which phone to buy. i have a budget of 10k. i have narrowed my search to there too cell phones. in my phone i want a good music quality. so plz help me in deciding which one to choose. also advice me bout ny other good phone in the same budget.


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810 anytime! since you mention music quality, get a 810 and mod it a little and you've got yourself a phone pumping with music!!!


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If you want a Jack of all; get an E6. If you want only music quality and a keypad rather than touchscreen, then W810.

Personally, I like E6. It has fair enough music, 3.5 mm jack, Touchscreen, Linux. Dont you think it has more than W810 for similar price? :) I listen to music but aint an audiophile. My Moto W230 is no different than an iPod for me. Trust me, many people cant differentiate such minute differences in quality.


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Used both i found ROKR to be better

but sound quality = W810i

camera = W810i

W810i is so common and old also

rokr camera is crap


hell boy
yea cam of w810 is gr8

especially macros taken with its cam are realllyy cooolllll

here is the sample:)
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If you are only interested in music playback then also take a look at Nokia 5310 Xpress Music. It has great sound quality, 3.5mm headphone jack, A2DP, music control keys and can take upto 4gb cards. Just add a pair of good quality headphones of your choice and you are good to go. :)
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