Sony play station 3 won't turn on


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Dear Guys,

I have ps3 500gb but due to some how it fell from table & plastic body little broken but it's works for fine. But from last few days its on & getting red light as usual & I press power button to start then it become green light for few seconds then it's off. I try several times but it not working also change power cord but not resolve.

I want to know what actually problem. If I send to Sony customer care then it will service in chargeable basis oy they can't.
Kindly suggest & my location is kolkata.

Model no attached...

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i am not sure about this but afaik sony doesn't provide any kind of repair options to out of warranty ps3s/ps4s in india-if its malfunctioning then i'm afraid you may have to discard it and get a new one.
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