Sony K550i how to do I recover the bricked phone


Broken In
My Sony K550i phone which was upgraded to W610 firmware from this guide The Complete k550i/w610i flashing Refrence | SE Flashing long ago was working fine. But few days back it stopped working. The phone just won't turn on. The red light of the infrared blinks when I press the power button.

Searching the web I found that that I just have to recover the rom. Those guides say that I need to connect the phone to PC while pressing 'C' but my phone is detected only when pressing the 2 + 5 and then connecting the phone to PC. (After I have installed the phone's drivers).

Using SEtools lite I tried to flash the phone but this doesn't work.

In the image the text above the red line shows the error, text after it was the another try.

Please tell me how I can repair my phone.
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