Sony Ericsson to Cut 2000 Jobs; 450 in North Carolina

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Research Triangle Park, N.C. - Stating that "market conditions have changed very rapidly and action must be taken to ensure that it can remain competitive in the dynamic and fast-paced telecommunications industry," Sony Ericsson (NYSE: SNE), the manufacturer of communication devices, announced that it will reduce its workforce worldwide by 2,000 people.

The cuts will include 450 positions at the company's facility in Research Triangle Park, N.C., according to published reports.

"There will now follow a period of consultation between local management, employees/consultants and employee representatives to determine which positions at each of the affected sites will be eliminated," the company's announcement stated.



Rockin g33k
yea, North Carolina is a UIQ stronghold. They cut through them.Also, phones, such as the k660 and others will be discontinued and a leaner but more competitive base will be sought for.
Nw recruitments wil be made for in the American division which shall work on the WM section.
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