song sung backwards!!!

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there are so many songs which "ppl" say have totally diff meaning if they are sung backwards.
hotel california, to name a few.

what is all this?
any one here agree.
please shed some light on this.
i am really intrested in stuff like these.

starcase to heaven sung backwards
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^no wonder,a member of this forum a week before called me and he says Microsoft CD's will play devil sounds when played reverse! :twisted: i know this is outta logic though ;) he got more!proctar&gamble(Vicks company) also is secured by devil :lol: also in the queue is MJ's songs!


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yes stairway to heaven has been blamed by lots of people regarding the satanic verses when played backwards.
Even Robert Plant,vocalist of Led Zepelin was said to have sung it intentionally in a obscure manner so that the reversed songs make sense.


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infact it cannot be done is like playing microsoft cd in reverse direction in ur cdrom drive will play demon sounds :lol:


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check out some ac\dc songs,they have prayers to satan when played backwards.One of my friends dad did some research on this way back when I was in class 9th,don't remember much about it except the bands name.


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Even worse is, If you put it the right way, IT INSTALLS WINDOWS.!!:lol:
it is rumored long back(94-95) those MJ audio cassette's are having a demon(like the one in freebsd logo) logo somewhere in the cover hidden! no!i havent seen!:eek:
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