some questions about u torrent

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I have some doubts about torrents.

what does in seeding x(XX) and peer x(XX) mean - where x is a number?
what does the tracker status "scrape ok" mean?
what does Debug status "0|0|4" mean?
what is "DHT" mean how does that help?
what does "unable to map UPnP" in logger mean, and how does mapping help?
what does swarm mean?

In peer screen at the bottom:
what does maxup. maxdown. Peer dl. mean?

I am using uTorrent.
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not bit torrent but u torrent, my question are specific to that application and the looks of it. I have gone through the faqs for u torrent and still have some doubts.


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^^ i can answer only ur first question....seeds(XXX) represents the number of users who have the complete file, while leechers(XXX) is the number of users who have are downloading the file at the moment and peers(XXX) is simply seeds(XXX)+leechers(XXX)

o n DHT i guess means trackerless support


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There are countless threads on this topic. We would appreciate it if you could have a look at them before posting any further queries. Remember, search is your friend. :)

Can't a thread on torrents be made a sticky or something? It is a very popular topic and a lot of people are curious about it.
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