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.:: Some Queries Regarding Nokia 6600 ::.

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u r wrong about somethings

even 3230 has POP port and thus supports datacable DKU2

comes dead cheap in local market.. and original also for around 700 bucks..

but then again ur choice..

even PC get infected with virus.. there is no cure for that..



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so the only major difference between 3230 and 6230i is the absense of symbian that leads to minimum availablity of apps.

Guys plz tell me how many of you actually use symbian apps?
Are symbian apps really that addictive??
Are they really that productive and utlizable?
Can we do without it??



Guys, personally, I will wait for a year and buy the Nokia N91 :)


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TuxiaN said:
Thanks a lot guys for your valuable suggestions!!

Mamba which phone r u referring to 6600 or 3230?

If 3230 then Is the sound quality acceptable or very really that bad?

what about the sound quality when a call comes i.e is the bell ring of very low volume or bad quality?

was talking bout 6600 , the 1 the threadz bout :D

btw i bought it a yr n half back . cost me 24000 :cry: man tech world advances . 4 3k less i can get a k750i 2day which the 6600 aint even comparable 2 :evil:


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Dude i think goto a friend who uses symbian OS and see for urself.. it totally depends on u

and personally y do u want to spend more on a non os phone.. if u dont like 3230 looks then go for 6230i


I know excellent phone .. hard drive 4 gb etc.. will be expensive also..


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ok guys I've got lots of things cleared now, thanks.

But one of my friend says the 3230 is not ergonomical as its keypad is not user friendly and the handset is not so gripful and call fall down easily.... what do u all say??


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Abt keypad of 3230:

It's in here that this phone fails to impresses. The keys are placed close to each other and too rigid.
Also it got no volume controls like what phones has. This keypad also reminds us of the SE phones keypads. The visibility of the keys also an issue. It's small that we might not see them. The upper row of menu softkeys is too small and rigid for comfortable usage. IT actually has two different type of keys, the control keys (at the top) and the digit/numericals keys.

However the keys are soft and gentle and well illuminated in the dark by the backlit light.

Yes, the keypad is not good in way or the other of 3230.


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true true.. but the joystick did do half my job.. and i did get used to keypad..

in games also on 3230 also joystick helped a lot..


Well I dont care about anything. I just like it is a good phone featured at good price. After all what you expect from the brand like NOKIA for only 14-15k?


Well.. Symbian Apps Tends to be addictive... Especially if u are the type who likes tinkering with ur phone... (Which i guess u are.. since u are linux fan..tinkering is inhernt in Linux ;) ).
Well.. Installing symbian app is easy.. (easiest is to send it to ur phone.. apps come with .sis extention, applications will install on its own when u open the .sis file from the phone.. just specify where u want it to be.. ).
Whats cool about symbian apps?? Well for one java based apps run in a 'sandbox' where as symbian apps run inside the OS.. hence works like PC apps, Virtualy the entire phones functionality can be accessed by the apps. (for example My P910i has a app called SMAN, which can show me the details of My phones hardware and reason for the last Restart and uptime of my os).


Well i am a mobile game/app developer so i know few things about this.

1. Symbian is OS, and you can run native applications written in C++ / Python on it. these applications canm directly access OS functions, giving ultimate speed.

2. Symbian supports running multiple applications at a time, which is not supported by many other phone OS.

3. Since symbian applications can access OS directly, there also have virus for phones.

4. Java applications don't access OS directly, instead they have, Java Runtimes as middle level.

5. Java applications are ALWAYS slower than native applications.

But this all doesn't mean Java are not as much fun as native. In fact only Nokia Series 60 are major player in symbian. While almost every phone supports Java. So there are lot more games for Java than Symbian.
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