Some Problems With my PC

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Well PC is running fine
Everything opens and all
I have Complaint with the performance

I know with time technology gets outdated bu still i think my pc is underperforming now

1. Startup Time : Few Months back it was 32 secs. I did a registry edit and brought it to 22 secs. I formatted once ( using one touch pc recovery on my HP PC ) and after that startup takes more than 52 secs. i did that registry edit again and still 52 secs.

2. Shutdown: Earlier Shutdown was Quick. Now as soon as i click shutdown all prograames quickly close as it is ued to be earlier but that blue screen of xp which says WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN .... is one the monitor for atleast 75 secs.

3. Whenever i try to copy a cd/dvd on my HD the application shows that
cpu usage 1%
Memory usage 2%
Still the copying is very Slow and if i try to do any other normal work like opening word or anything the pc hangs

I hav 1 gb of ddr2 ram
3.06 Ghz
XP Media Center Liscensed SP 3

Using Kaspersky original Full Version
All Virus Scan Done. No Virus At Present

Plz Help me if possible
Not open for further replies.
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