Some People Still Think the Earth is Flat

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edit: here are some quotes:

On 24 December 1968, the crew of the Apollo 8 mission took a photo now known as Earthrise. To many, this beautiful blue sphere viewed from the moon's orbit is a perfect visual summary of why it is right to strive to go into space.
Not to everybody though. There are people who say they think this image is fake - part of a worldwide conspiracy by space agencies, governments and scientists.

Mr Davis, a 25-year-old computer scientist originally from Canada, first became interested in flat earth theory after "coming across some literature from the Flat Earth Society a few years ago".
"I came to realise how much we take at face value," he says. "We humans seem to be pleased with just accepting what we are told, no matter how much it goes against our senses."
Mr Davis now believes "the Earth is flat and horizontally infinite - it stretches horizontally forever".
"And it is at least 9,000 kilometres deep", he adds.
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While it is interesting that some people believe that the world is flat, it is somehow impossible since every bit of this earth has been walked, so to speak. So how can it be flat if an Aircraft takes off from point A, travels in one direction and ends up again at point A?

While I'm not sure about the whole man landed on the moon thing, I think we have enough of evidence of the round nature of earth.

And this is Random news eh?

Your example is proof enough(from simple point of view) to justify that the earth is spherical.:)
I mean, were Galileo and Kepler dunces???:rolleyes:
Impossible IMO


A reply from geology student :D :

The earth is spherical in shape. No one needs any explanation regarding this stuff.

+1 for goobi's reply. That is the #1 theory that stands. Also, If earth was flat, then how come day and night occur ? And how come the half of the earth is in day and another half in night ? If it was flat, each and every country had same sunrise and same sunset.

I think the computer scientist is way too g33k :p


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^^Your last few words are imma goin crazy,


someone might come up with another theory that Earth is the center and all rotate around it :D lol ! might be that sun revolves ! lol !

but its been proved that SUN rotates too, but it rotates in several directions as it has many poles.. :D


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Some People Still Think the Earth is Flat
What, is it not???I think you meant Some people think that Earth is Round. Lol.Round earth. He he.....I pity them.


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...and why is the shadow of the earth on moon or sun (during eclipse) always round...why do we first see the mast of an approaching ship and gradually the whole.

A fool is a fool is a fool.

(no offense...but this reminds me of someone on this forum)


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This is just like the debate if god exists or not.

Understand, god exists, and the earth is spherical.

For the first point, refer to goobimama's answer.
For the second point, ask here if you really can't understand the answer by yourself (some people need a LOT of explanations to make them understand a simple point).


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Now don't say the can explain every further concept on basis of Flat Earth :D


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Still, it is nice to see people are questioning things. Cause you never know what is the truth, and what it is that we believe. I mean, Galileo himself was thought to be an idiot.


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^^i second that, life could be ab illusion and death could be the truth (albeit a bitter one)


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I heard for the first time that people believe like that! Amazing! Right in this IT world, the world which is trying to send men to other planets, if people believe like that, then that's their fault!!!
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