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Software to help students clear exams

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Broken In
Blending cybernetics and principles of the 'gurukul' system of education, a new software claims to help an average student crack exams without burning the midnight oil.

Named 'CLEaRS,' acronym for Compuertised Learning, Evaluation and Review System, the software has been developed by New York-based multinational, Learning Accord (L A).

"The software teaches exactly what the student does not know, what he needs to know and is knowable to him, in the time frame available before his exams," L A CEO Rear Admiral B R Vasanth told PTI.

The software has two versions -- one for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) for students in the U S and Canada and another for Indians taking the board examinations and entrance tests for medical and engineering institutions.

This is the fourth generation knowledge transfer system which combines the gurukul system of education and book-based teaching, Vasanth told PTI adding that it maps the student's mind 18 times per second to work out a strategy.

"After mapping his activities, it tells the student what time of the day he is most attentive and formulates a strategy for preparations," he said.

The software evaluates the student's lack of subject- wise knowledge and its remedial teaching technologies and provides optimal learning from a huge knowledge bank compiled by 60 full-time professors, according to Vasanth

Filter Mode, a special tool, identifies the student's remembering and forgetting patterns all the time. It has 60,000 structured Multi-Choice Questions. All the questions will be progressively difficult after each learning session for better preparedness," he said.

On the basis of its evaluation, the software may even advise a student not to take a particular examination.

Based on 'C' language and Java, the softaware uses artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic for its logic portion.

Stating that it took a a 90-member team of educationists, designers, programmers, psychologists, sociologists and statisticians to develop and fine-tune the software, Vasanth said his company has applied for its patent in New York.

Vasanth said the software has been extensively tested in educational institutions in South Karnataka and adopted by a number of schools as part of the students' learning supplement.


Wise Old Owl
Nice software!! But the students taking exams must study hard & burn the midnight
oil & also use this software to see how good they are.Got any statistics to show how
many have used this software & passed the exams in flying colors?


I just Hope students using this s/w get atleast pass results coz this time during my PUC results only nearly 75% students had flunked the exam !!!!!!!!!


In the zone
where its available ...? either to download or to buy...anyone can be able to give link or site ?
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