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Software for C

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Dear Forum,

I am started learning 'C' Lang. Which software shud i install to make programmes in 'C' Language....?


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turboC++ is the best compiler to learn C++....pickup Let Us C (yes it is C not C++) by Yashwant Kanitkar...the best book in the market...


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U can also use NetBeans IDE with C/C++ plugins
That's a nice option too.

Personally, if you are just starting to learn C/C++ I would recommend the following:

1) Windows platform: Visual C++ Express Edition (2008)
2) Portable (Windows/UNIX): Eclipse or Dev C++ and GCC backend

Both VS and Eclipse are very mature IDE and would help you learn debugging which is a very essential aspect of programming. While GCC is more standards compliant (C99), Visual C++ is still getting there. But at this point, you don't care much about portability (if your code is very complex with millions of lines of code and you need to ensure that it runs fine on Windows as well as UNIX).

Intel has released some c++ compilers.
It is not free. You need to have a license for that.

You Can Also Use The Turbo C++ Compiler....

Turbo C.....one of the best compilers.

turboC++ is the best compiler to learn C++....

OMFG!! I don't believe people still use and recommend this ancient, obsolete, dead compiler/IDE! My advice to everybody - if you are planning to use Turbo C/C++ then stay away! If you are already using it, stop!!!! Change your compiler! The company which made these compilers [Borland] sold it off like 15 years ago to another company.

This compiler has not been updated since, I guess, 1996!!!! Please, stop using this compiler and stop recommending it to people. Use a more standard and mature compiler like GCC (with Dev C++ IDE etc.) or MS Visual Studio or if you have lots of money or can get an academic license Intel's C++ compiler is the best on Intel hardware.

[Borland - the developer of Turbo C/C++ compiler - sold the whole compiler division to some other company and that came out with a C/C++ compiler called, I think, Rad C++ or something. I've never used it, nor seen anyone use it; so can't recommend it].

pickup Let Us C (yes it is C not C++) by Yashavant Kanetkar...the best book in the market...
I agree with you on that, though. It's a good book for beginners, though, most of the stuff in it is outdated [and specific to Turbo C/C++] and is not C99 standard compliant.


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Try DevC++, it is free and also fully compatibility under windows 7. Turbo C or Turbo C++ is another great compiler, but windows 7 compatibility is an issue.
Both are free. So try any one.


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Turbo C or Turbo C++ is another great compiler, but windows 7 compatibility is an issue.
No No No.. please. No Turbo C/C++! Sure, I too was a fan of it 10 years ago, but not today!

Visual Studio Express 2010 came out few weeks ago. No need to go for an older version.
My bad, I should've mentioned 2010. This version is almost C99 compliant. Thank you for correcting :)


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For starters, Turbo C++ is good option.

But to be a good C programmer, you need to shift to GCC. Turbo has become outdated for quite sometime.

But I would like to mention one thing, after learning C, you will have to move on to C++ as most common languages are Object Oriented. Google it you will get more info.

On windows platform: I would suggest Dev C++/Codeblocks.. Then you can move to Visual Studio (But that is 6-8 months after you start).
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