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I just upgraded my PC to the following:
i3 4xxx+ Intel H87 motherboard, 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM drive, 1 Optical drive, 4GB DDR3 Ram
This PC will be used largely for programing, office work and watching movies. (Maybe kept on for days together )

The SMPS calculator pegged the PC at ~230W load (max)

I had an old VIP Gold SMPS 400W what I wanted to use - but i realized that its fan has jammed ( It was installed with the fan facing down in its old home [Im stupid, I know.] )

I dont plan on installing a graphic card. Another 640GB drive may be added soon.

I need a good power supply for this systems and am looking for recommendations. Should I go with another VIP GOLD 400W [1.6k]? Should it not be okay for such a modest configuration? Or are there any other SMPS I need to look at?


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Thank you so much for the quick reply. If the Antec BP 300 is only 1.8k then it makes no sense buying VIP!

Both there are priced a little more than what you have mentioned online, but with my current job timings, il have to order off flipkart.

Antec BP300P 300 Watts PSU - Antec:
Antec VP450P I 450 Watts PSU - Antec:

If I do spend upto 2.5k which is better Seasonic SS400BT or Antech VP450? What about cosair VS350 ?

My options basically are: [flipkart pricing and availability]

Corsair VS350 350 Watt PSU - Rs. 1921
Antec BP300P 300 Watts PSU -Rs. 2099
Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU - Rs. 2304
Seasonic SS400BT PSU - Rs. 2550
Antech VP450 - Rs. 2875
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I'm planning to buy Intel G2030 3GHZ LGA1155 and Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H, also I have one WD 320GB SATA HDD, one DVD Writer, no graphics card and I also don't plan on adding one in future. Can someone please suggest which PSU should I buy? Please suggest both less expensive ones too if any.
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