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Smartphones 'as addictive as cocaine'


BBC News - Smartphones 'as addictive as cocaine'

How much time do you spend on your smartphone?

John Benson from Blackpool says he lost his relationship and his job because he was addicted to his and ''smashes phones up to stop" himself.

BBC Radio 5 live's Breakfast spoke to Mr Benson, who spent £10,000 on his addiction, and to his psychotherapist, Steve Pope, who says for some people smartphones are "as addictive as cocaine or any other drug".

Ankit Omar

Broken In
I'd say it's not all about smartphones though, it's getting enthusiastic because of social network platforms. Day by Day new networking apps are coming which let the people engaged with their smartphones.
BUT whatever I am totally agree with the title line of this thread!


Cyborg Agent
I can believe it, I have classic example of my cousin, he is so much addicted that if you can talk to him with his full attention for over a minute then will be achievement... so that's irritating..and now he has stopped seeing me because I have imposed condition that if he takes out his phablet in front of me, I will brake it..


Get Digit ized
It's not just fb there are many other apps that keep you addicted on a smartphone. Yesterday I saw a app on my colleague's phone which is all about raising horses and sending them for races. Think about it!
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