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[Want to Buy] Smartphone for 18k-20k


Broken In
Hi all.

Im looking for a smartphone. Budget is 18k -20k. Budget can be stretched. :)
Note 2 highly prefered :)



Beta Geek ;-)
Would you like to have my one yr old S3??
Its in Showroom condition,ZERO scratches or Paint imperfections!!!!
And it still has a one year of warranty left as I had taken extra warranty pack worth 2500.


Ambassador of Buzz
I can sell less than a year old LG OPTIMUS G(1.5 GHZ SNAPDRAGON S4 PRO/2 GB RAM/32 GB IM/13 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA) if you are interested.

Still under warranty, and has some minor nicks and scratches(I have the original case as well as a separate hard case)...all with the bill and original accessories


Ambassador of Buzz
My Xperia ZL got water damaged and I'm having it replaced with a new one. I've deposited the money at Sony Service centre and will get my new unit in about a week. But now I'm upgrading to Note 3 so I'm willing to sell my Xperia ZL for 24K. PM if interested.
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