[For Sale] Skullcandy Smokin Bud IN_EARPHONE - 1000

1. *Model number and details: Skullcandy Smokin Bud In-Earphone ! - Rs 1600 (original)
2. *Date of purchase: !st Jan, 2012
3. Reason for sale: Bought Another Earphone - FROM PANASONIC !! :wink:
4. Warranty details: There was no warranty from the start ! :p
5. *Expected Price: 1000
6. *Location of Seller: New Friends Colony (Delhi)
7. *Pictures along with your User ID + date written on a piece of paper.

Pictures Link - Not Able To Upload :-x !! - SKullcandy Smokin Bud ! - Imgur

Thank You For Coming To The Thread !!
(Btw, i made one more thread before - i didnt had my earphone with me at that time - so i thought of uploading the photos later - mods removed the thread :rolleyes: :hyper: )

Well, this is one of the best looking earphone i have seen !! that was the reason i bought it at that time !!!

Long living from 6 months
Great looking colors and Design
Doesnt get Dirty Easily
Very Long Wire ( which actually looks like a combination of threads)
Great Great Bass !!

Cons: ( TO ME)
Less Treble - bass is great but the treble level is a bit less
Ok ok Mid - mid is not so great too ..
Uncomfortable to Handle - not that much - but since it has a very long wire it sometime gets frustrating where the ell the wire is coming n going etc etc.. u must be knowing that!!!

And, i love this earphone very much !! it was a gift from dad on new year !!! :wink:

I bought it for 1600, but i think 1000 is fine ! Btw, it still looks Cool And Great as New !!
It doesnt look old at all!! In the pics , it might look dull ! but it Looks Great n New In real !!
I need A Buyer inside Delhi or not far away from it !!

And please suggest me a Courier Service Which Is Not So Premium PRICED!!
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