shut down problem........

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hello friends,

I m using windows xp pro. My modem burnt due to lightning and it caused some sparking. . After that when I shut down my pc, it keeps on displaying the message that windows is shutting down but does not shuts down and I have to turn off pc by pressing power button. keyboard and mouse are turned off during this process. After this problem, my pc has become very slow and IE hangs very frequently. Can anybody suggest a solution........

peyoush thakur


looks morelike a case of file corruption to me

repair/reinastall the OS and install a good paid AV [KAV, NOD32]

Cool Joe

The Black Waltz
this may b due to some damaged components. call sumone who knows and ask him to open the cabinet and check all parts. if any of the parts are damaged, then you'll probably have to get them replaced.
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