Should i use UPS?


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Lol yes 11K is too costly. But another user mentioned that they got this 1000G model for 8k. Still premium price compare to other brands I understand. What else do we have to protect our beloved PC?!


To be honest there aren't too many reliable models of ups in the indian market that have a capacity of 1000VA and above (Atleast not in the cheaper sub 7k price bracket).The 1000g model,while not bad feature a very high upper threshold for AVR activation (255v) which could cause some issues with particularly sensitive electronics.

If getting a bx series ups is your only viable option then you can pair it with a voltage regulator from apc such as this one: APC lsw 1200 in

It will regulate the voltage before passing it on to your ups,therefore you dont have to worry about exposing your system to abnormal voltage conditions while using it.

However the unfortunate thing is even these aforesaid voltage regulators are increasingly becoming harder to find in the market.A year ago,they were available in abundance on amazon as well as on apc's official website.However they have been out of stock for quite some time and i dont know whether they will be restocked anytime soon or not.

I personally own the lower capacity lsw 800 in model (use it with my refrigerator) and its really good at regulating the input voltage to safe levels.I wish more of them start becoming available soon.

Apc's BE 700 Y -in and BE 800 Y -in are also really good and feature built in avr,however their capacities are lower than 1000VA and thus it may not be suitable for all folks,esp those that are running systems that draw in excess of 400/500 watts of power.

You could also look at APC's newer BVX lineup of "easy" upses,which reportedly have AVR.However whether its an actual avr or a fake avr (like in the bx series models) is something thats not really known at this point.

BVX 1200


BX Series upses from apc don't have any proper voltage regulator in them (despite claims to the contrary on the product documentation and list of features).Therefore if you live in an area where voltage fluctuations are rampant,then avoid them entirely.
BX600C-IN is not working for me now :( . I need something good but cheaper.
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