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Should i buy the Z1 today or W8 for MWC to get over?


I am planning to Buy the Z1, should i get it now (approx 33k...) or w8 for MWC to get over hopping for a price drop or it aint worth it ???

Thanks& regards!


My speculation :

The Z2 might release around april 2014. In about a monthafter its release , There's a decent chance that you could get the Z1 @ about 30k~.
So, if you can wait until May14, you can get the Z1 @ 30k-ish..Until then, the Z1 won't go under 30k.

imo, i wouldn't wait for it..


MWC is round the corner. however you will have to wait further for the Z1 prices to drop. sony's new flagship will be announced tomorrow and launch in less than 2 months or so in India. But dont expect a big price drop... IMO get the z1 if you cant wait for 3 months or perhaps more


Wait for MWC to show the technology & price trend
in comparison to competition between companies.

Location, Dates & Times | Mobile World Congress
Mobile World Congress 2014 will take place 24 – 27 February 2014.
The event will once again take place at
Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain.*

It will be worth to check.
Dealers & Distributors will get clear picture after MWC only.
Then most Dealers / Distributors will like to clear their stocks within 2weeks or a month.
Most companies do Price Drop between 10% minimum to 20 % maximum in next few months or quarter.
Not more than 20% drop is expected as seen earlier.


I went ahead and purchased the Z1 cant w8 for 2months :(

BTW Which is an extremely Good Cover Which Can fit in the Dock????
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