Should Go For Amd Or Intel

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My bugdet is 12k and want to upgrade my pc. i have to buy mobo + procy+ 2gb ram.

Please suggest me the option avilable for me.

in my views there are two option.

AMD X3 + GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G and SB700 Chipset + KINGISTON 2 GB RAM

INTEL 7200 + MSI P45 Neo - F+ 1 GB RAM

or any other options....

is any chance of cutoff in intel price, i can wait till 15 aug

i read some where that amd x3 have a heat issue??
another question is i have cool master fan fitted on my intel p4 processor which comes with compaq pc, can i put it on new intel/ AMD procy since it has big heat sink and noise less.


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If u can go a little more high to 14k...
u can get amd phenom 9500+ amd 780g chipset....
an the other option is
intel quad Q6600+ dg33 mob...


going for core2duo is better option !! and the mobo u are going for is quite good i feel u should go for a better processor E8200 for 7.5k or E8400 for 7.9k.

u should look at this link to see why core2duo ? and not amd X3 !


unless u want to use winrar extensively (which i m sure u will not) amd x3 looses out in game and in all mulimedia applications.

core2duo has great overclockablity and with ur mobo E7200 will overclock to 3.2 GHz (min) easily!

another option could have been abit IP-35E mobo with either E8200 or E8400 ...but P35 chipset is aging now and i would say its better to go for newer chipset P45!

if u had asked this question in proper thread u would have got better response so please post it there


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nayraj, you have taken good option, but remember P35 and P45 do not have onboard GPUs so you need to think of them also.
If you increase your budget u can sure get better C2D proccy. But in case of AMD you got choice of 2 very strong mobos

Your choice is good for 12K and chossen well.
The AMD combo of X3 CPU and 780G graphicswill be a better deal as it has a better inbuild graphics, and can playback full HD videos


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amd gives more value for money, you always get an option for shell out that extra buck to something else.


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Hi Everybody !

I was also going to ask nearly the same question. Here I go:

Best mobo+proccy combination under 10K for Intel/AMD !!

I am going to upgrade the motherboard and processor of my system. My budget is strictly 10000/-

After serious considerations and reading through forum posts, I’ve come upon this conclusion:

PROCESSOR:AMD Athlon X3 8450 @ Rs. 5500 /- + VAT
Mobo: (780G BOARDS)Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H @ Rs. 4400 /-
PRICE:For AMD setup with 780Gboard; that makes it 5500+4400 = 9900/-

PROCESSOR:Core2Duo E7200 Rs.5600/-
Mobo: (G-31 BOARDS)Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L Rs.2800/-ASUS P5KPL-VM >>2850/-ASUS P5KVM >>4500/-Is there any value-for-money budget P35 Board that can be used costing between 3-4.5 K?
PRICE:For INTEL setup with G-31 board; that makes it 5600+2800 = 8400/-
Out of the above two, which is a better combination. In this table AMD solution looks to be a better bet. As of now, I am interested in onboard graphics. GPU can be added later, if at all required. Please note that I will be using the system mainly for movie encoding, database applications/programming Visual Studio, photoshopping, casual gaming etc.

After reading Legion Hardware's post at *, I feel that for non-serious gamers....E7200 is a better option !
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