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setup up home WiFi network with TP LINK (MTL-MR3020) router .. need help


In the zone
1. PC Desktop (wothout WiFi receiver)
2. Samsung Galaxy Y phone
3. Hathway Broadband with wired Modem (Scientific Atlanta)
4. WiFi router - TP LINK (MTL-MR3020)

This router has only one LAN port.
Now i have to connect my Hathway Broadband Modem to this router and also to the Desktop PC.
Since the desktop PC does not have a WiFi receiver, i have to keep a wired connection. Also i want to connect my Mobil via WiFi to the router.

please suggest how can i achieve this setup using TP LINK (MTL-MR3020) router.

Also i dont intend to purchase a new WiFi receiver for my desktop.
Please suggest solution with bare MINIMUM expenses...

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