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Seagate Baraccuda 200GB SATA internal HDD

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I Am Jack's Assembly Line
Note: I know I had mentioned this as a IDE drive but on review it turned out to be a SATA one.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra. Would prefer buyer pick up and pay. Will meet at Ghatkopar or Chembur railway station if it is more convenient. In case you want to have it couriered, you pay for packaging + shipping extra.

Description: Seagate Baraccuda 7200rpm 200GB SATA internal HDD. Used for about 3 years. No complaints about noise or overheating or bad sectors while I used it. Specs are available here (Model Number: ST3200822AS):

Barracuda 7200.7 SATA | Seagate

Date of Purchase: Not sure.

Warranty information: Expired.

Reason for sale: No longer using a desktop computer.

Expected Price: Rs.200/=

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P.S.: It will take a few days for me to ship it because I need to do a data wipe on it. But once I bespeak it to you, I will not sell to anyone else.


I Am Jack's Assembly Line
:( Sorry to inform that the HDD failed while I was running a data wipe on it. So it is off the table. First piece of hardware to ever fail on me (heck, I got a 4GB HDD bought in 1995 in working condition), but I am glad it got caught before I shipped it off.

My apologies to those who were interested. It was not my intention to waste your time.

Thanks and Regards,

P.S.: Mods, if applicable, please close the thread
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