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SE198WFP optimum settings

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Count Dracula

Bought a new comp.Need optimum settings for my Dell coz its looking a bit blurry and enlarged.

My config

Transcend 2GB RAM
Ati HD4850
Dell SE198WFP
Abit IP35-E
WD 640GB
Zebronics Antibiotics + Powersafe 500W
Logitech Spill Resistant Keyboard
Microsoft Comfort 1000 Mouse


is NOT a PC/Mac
First find out the Display Ratio for your Monitor (maybe 16:9 or 16:10) and set the display resolution accordingly, e.g. 1280x720 (for 16:9) and 1440x900 (for 16:10). The blurriness in the display will most probably be gone. :)

Count Dracula

Its 1440X900.Now what?
EDIT: Changed resolution.Its looking awesome now.Thanks dude.Any more suggestions to enhance viewing pleasure?

All the written stuff on my monitor has turned green now lol.Since I changed the resolution.I confirmed with my mom and its not only me.Any solution?
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