Which company creates better mobile ?

  • Sony Ericson

    Votes: 72 51.8%
  • Nokia

    Votes: 53 38.1%
  • Motorola

    Votes: 14 10.1%

  • Total voters
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I was a Nokia fan, but I'm fed up of waiting for them to come up with good designs.

So now I like SE more.

Still noone can beat Nokia's durablity.


Having a symbian phone is a better option. K790i, though it has a great camera, good music and great buttons to use but having a proprietary OS means it has less number of Apps as compared to N73 which too has equivalent features and of course a fast processor. I dont know what to choose so please suggest me a good Symbian based phone under 14k with 3MP camera with Xenon flash, support for Wi-Fi adapters (i would appreciate more if its built in), 2 GB of Storage, 3.5 mm jack and the regulars (EDGE, Bluewtooth, GPRS, Tri-Band GSM etc.)


after reading this thread i understood i'm wrong so i throw my Nokia 6630 away and went and bought a New Phone

Nokia E51:D:D:D

it's the Spec
Nokia E51


SE Any day

I own a w800i for past 2 years. Believe me w800i (or any sony walkman phone) + EP630 is a great combo. My next would also be a SE.


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Motorola was the one which made mobiles what they are today..Right from Dynatec to Startec to Razr n Rokr; they are the pioneers, Rest all are followers...So I follow the pioneers..I have used T230 which incidentally was my first ever mobile and it was pathetic at the best..vowed to never ever use a SE phone and I am a die hard SE Hater..Afterall first impression is the last one and if it is bad then what else

Right now I am very happy with my 4 year old Moto E398 which is still rocking and Moto F3C which has an amazing and unique e-ink display..Another innovation...You see,..
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But their current gen of phones are just style icons. They don't have the features of Nokia, nor the quality of SE. I personally own the Razr V3i (the older one) though stylish and attractive, I had a lot of trouble with this phone. As soon as I connected it with my P.C, the camera went kaput. Only a max of 50 songs supported via iTunes, no matter how large the mem card be. Moreover, the phone supports only 512 MB of as the max size of the mem card. Apart from that, the it lags in signal strength as well as the voice coming out from the earpiece though clear is very flat. The loudspeaker is loud and of good quality though.
Another misnomer with this phone is that it doesn't work without a Sim. And Opera Mini takes ages to load. The settings menu is as deep as Atlantic Ocean with complex nomenclature of functions. Battery life is poor and the mere 1.3 MP camera without any flash is useless. App support is also poor.
The bundled accessories is good though. The earphones produce some really good bass and unlike the earpiece. The phone incorporates some high quality noice cancellation devices. A 256 MB mem card is also bundled. The large screen is good but fades in the sun and the outdoor shooting is though pixelated when displayed in a monitor but has some really good colour reproduction. The keypad is flat but large very comfortable. The looks of this phone are also appealing. But the 13K price is not. Though I've heard that its now available in around 9K but that too is also high since similar features without the attractive body from other vendors like Nokia and SE is available in around 2 to 3 K less like Nokia N72 and 5300.
The new Razr is also heavily overpriced. Just 2MP camera, Touch sensitive outer screen. Not a good buy
This is one of the most n00biest and cr@ppiest threads ever.
Brand does not decide quality of phones in any way.
And each company has its share of great phones and dumb phones.


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SE have lot of good features at basic phone area.others not good there..
also no real comparision between SE and nokia for sound quality.
basic SE handsets have excellent music qualitiy while even compared to Nokia N95..


SE is a better phone in terms of Audio and Camera quality at low prices. Although Nokia does happen to have some great camera phones the problem with them is that they are priced much higher than their SE counterparts.
Nokia does rule the lot in terms of its convergence features.
Now lets come to Motorola. The Motos certainly have their ergonomics right but lack audio and camera quality. Motos are for those people who just want to flash their phones in public.

Well to tell you the truth, a geek will always select a Motorola. Can anyone guess why??
Its because unlike the SE and Nokia phones, you can actually fiddle with the firmware of your Moto provided you know what you are exactly doing. For instance, believe it or not you can actually enable EDGE on a V3i via firmware patches and also improve the camera quality upto a certain extent.

Now its upto you..........


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my votes for nokia all the way
it rules man
the symbian os really rocks and u can possible have all the different softwares that se and moto only dream of.
I have used se and i can tell u have to struggle a lot to find a proper game or software for it.
For nokia never had any such problem at all. Themes games software all avaliable very easily and free too.....
btw i used a n6600 earlier and now have n73m....


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@layzee Firmware modding waas first started by SE and then it was followed up by Moto.There is virutally nothing you cannot do to an SE phone. Moto using a Linux OS has more features in terms of app moddability and portability, but kernel modding is something SE specializes it.Heck, you can change your cam and sound drivers and trust me, they are awesome.

@appu-Symbian ya.. bt the gap has been narrowed long.When it comes to themes, Nokia is far far behind. Any shake themes for nokia yet??

Games such as NFS accellerometer edition is something which rocks and fun to play..and importantly, runs ony on SE phones.


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my votes for nokia all the way
it rules man
the symbian os really rocks


nowdays, the symbian OS is the most irritating, boring... and more slower in the mobile world... (sorry to said this)
if you install lot of good software in symbian OS, it will take more time to boot/process/save...

one more thing ..
The Speed and user experience of Symbian OS is based on the type of processor it used and its screen colour depth / resolution.
for example, if you test the symbian OS speed in Nseries.N72 has slow and a dull screen...
So, as you said Sybmian OS only rocks when it will run some high-end phone.

I have used both SE and Nokia for long time..
SE UI is bright and sharper than Symbian in mid-level category ..

Now, there is equal software and games in JAVA paltform while compared to sybmian OS.. If you want, please search in blogs specifically maintained for J2ME.. you can find some good stuff.


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which is the best phone for taking pics of decent clarity...usually even to take a pic of a book page woth clarity......within 10k?......
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