Which company creates better mobile ?

  • Sony Ericson

    Votes: 72 51.8%
  • Nokia

    Votes: 53 38.1%
  • Motorola

    Votes: 14 10.1%

  • Total voters
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somebody in some thread told that he is not able to find se vs nokia fight thread, let me create another thread for him.

Please post which phone you like and fight for it (except peep peep things :D)

I have nokia n73 and se k810i

But i like nokia more !!!
Don't forget to post which phone you use



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pakoda 420 rocks :p . . seriously ;-). why do you need a fight club thread for this just go to mobile section everything there ends up in fight. .


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I've totally dropped Motorola off my radar. They're just using one formula: good looks. All their phones have good designs but nothing else. A power user will get bored within two minutes of using their phones, except if its a phone like ROKR E6 which is the only decent Moto phone on sale now. Infact E6 is probably the only Moto phone that has some brain below its skin-deep beauty. Rest all are all show and no go.

Samsung is really getting stronger by the day. Now their decision to hire Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador will totally make sure that they'll make a mark in the minds of Indian customers. They're also launching some great models this year. Even LG is doing well now and their recently launched Viewty and KF600 are quite capable phones.

About SE, they do have a decent range of handsets now. But what they really need is more smartphones, ones which'll cost less than 10k and some decent low-end phones too. And maybe they should think about entering the CDMA market too. And for God's sake dump the crappy Fast-Port. And maybe some more of Hrithik and his awesome ads. :D That guy totally rocks! :cool:


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nothing better then SE. not a single phone of SE is bad. i used nokia,samsung,moto and lg also.... but its the SE that blowed by mind.... SUper Display...Awesom sound.... no other phone can produce sound like a SE....... SE got the fastest Bluetooth... gives the fastest GPRS connection.
SE for ever....


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though i am v3i lover.....and phone from each company matter..
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