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SDHC card is not detecting in Samsung Galaxy 551


Broken In
Hi Folks,

I recently brought Galaxy 551 android mobile. Previously i'm using nokia with 4gb of sdhc card. I suppose to use that 4GB SDHC card to my samsung and i have format the card in FAT. When i insert the card in samsung it is not detecting.. Please help me how to use the card....

Thanks in advance:arrow:


Your card might be password protected. Nokia is notorious for password protecting memory cards without user interaction (it happened to me & many of my friends).

Insert the card back into your Nokia (the same phone) check in options. If it shows options to "remove password" & "change password" alongwith "format memory card", you're card is locked.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about it. I still haven't found any meas of unlocking the card. I don't know the password because I haven't locked it.
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