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Saving Private Ryan

SPR is as all know a depiction of events loosely based on true facts during the WW II, where a team is sent to rescue a soldier and bring him back home.


SPR is probably one of the most anticipated and waited movies on BluRay along with LOTR trilogy ..... Most awaited because of the way the war scenes were shot, which had the most impeccable details in the history of war cinema. The movie begins with the most acclaimed scene of modern war cinema with US Corps capturing the Omha Beach. The picturization is a mix of camera angles that includes the soldier's eye view, which makes the entire first 30 minutes experience very gruesome. Its far too intense violent, visceral depiction of war I have ever witnessed. Spielberg makes sure to include as much detail as possible to depict the actual feel, of what could have happened at the beach back in 1944, and if you ask me succeeds with flying colors ....

Rest of the movie is kind of rescue mission, where Cap Miller (Tom hanks) is again selected to find and bring back a solider name Frances Ryan. The kind of hurdles the team has to face for this mission becomes the crux of the rest of the movie, with the climax falling down with another excellently shot battle sequence at the end.


Video for SPR is satisfyting, the quality remians very true to the actuall feel of the era that has been depicted in the movie. Spilberg deliberately maintains the toned down look and feel of the movie. The extras tell you that the lenses and filters were purposely used that were there in the documentaries of the 40ss. The lense flare that used to show in couple of shots was something I did not like. Also the movie has that matt finish (you know grainy appeal) which is something some people might not like, to me however it added to the feel of the movie.

Over all you enjoy the war details director intends to show on 1080p.

Aspect Ratio : 1.85:1 (16x9)


AUDIO is something that surpasses all previous records :) seriously THE BEST since AVATAR. I honestly believe that when we say best, does not necessarily mean loud or huge with thunderous bass, but quality that is maintained per the essence of the movie. If it thunders that is needed (Transformers, AVATAR) thunders is what it should give. With SPR it was the quality detailing that was needed and the BR excels in this department. Trust me every bullet shot, every bullet hit, every bullet zipping pass by, every reload, every falling shell, every explosion, every debris falling is captured with immense detail and so much clarity that you can feel it right there on your couch. In the opening scene of Omha Beach the waves of the oceans feel so real that if you close your eyes you can easily feel you are on any beach. After that the shear awesomeness of the battle sound track will immerse you right in to the battle itself. Surrounds are heavily used, to put you in the middle of the battle.

There is not much heavy use of the SUB except maybe during the tank explosions and its rumbleness, but that does not let you down as the detailing is immaculate .....

Format :: DTS MAster Audio 5.1


Extras are enough and worth as well. The U-Controll and PIP is back (Death Race), but again not to the satisfaction level as one might exect.
Its the content that shines. Complete second disc dedicated to extras that includes, everything from the making SPR to boot camp, individual scenes during the movie to the re creation of the Omha Beach etc. For me extras were great and enough.

The best part were ...

1. Re-Creating Omha Beach ..... Seriously just go through this and you would realize how darn difficult it was to actually create the same environment that of a grueling battle. Technically it was magic that the special effect department managed to bring without CGI, and its absolutely worth ...

2. Making of the last climax battle sequence ...... You get to see a lot of behind the scenes work that had gone in creating the last battle. I was surprised to know they completely built the two cities on either side of a river. Effects were achieved by blowing things up, knocking buildings down, very interesting to see and learn

Rest of extras include

An Introduction
Looking Into the Past
Miller and His Platoon
Boot Camp
Making 'Saving Private Ryan
Re-Creating Omaha Beach
Music and Sound
Into the Breach: 'Saving Private Ryan
Parting Thoughts
Saving Private Ryan theatrical trailer
Re-Release trailer

Along with a "Shooting War" documentary that takes you into the history of how war was filmed in the early days.





Theatrical trailer.....

YouTube - Saving Private Ryan Official Trailer

VERDICT (keeping AVATAR A/V 10/ ref.)

SPR as a Movie :: 8.5/10
Video :: 6.8/10
Audio :: 8.8/10


The High 5 Flyer
Excellent impressions. What does the 2nd disc include?

Thanks Ethan. Second disc is full of extras and interviews. The glimps of which is what I have given you in the above review

Complete second disc dedicated to extras that includes, everything from the making SPR to boot camp, individual scenes during the movie to the re creation of the Omha Beach etc. For me extras were great and enough.
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nice play ripped HD content too on it?

btw, have you ripped off those stickers and plastic covering off the TV yet? :p

Yes I play HD rips as well through my 1TB fed PlayON HD. And those stickers ... lol yea it always give the LCD a new feel, ... :D, so I decieded not to remove them ..... :smile:
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