[For Sale] sandisk z400s 256 GB(sata ssd) and samsung evo 850 250GB (m.2 sata ssd)


Expected Price- (Rs)5000
Shipping from-BIHAR
Item Condition-4 out of 5
Payment Options - Bank Transfer
Purchase Date -Mar 1, 2018
Shipping Charges - Excluded
Remaining Warranty Period - yes for samsung evo 850. No for sandiskInvoice Available
Reason for Sale-Selling to buy single ssd cause of no space in itx case and heating too much
(found the bill dated 20.02.2018 for samsung) ( warranty till 20 February 2023)
wanted to sell this fast and buy myself a 1tb
Have a Orico m.2 adapter bought few days back.. will it it go together with samsung for extra 1k
price is negotiable.. dm me your offer


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