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Samsung Wave -still awesum???


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was browsing the other day and i came across a review of samsung wave 1..
the specs of the phone are respectable even by todays standards..
why doesnt it sell that well??


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Symbian is more mature than BADA. No use of AMOLED display and hummingbird processor if the OS is a dumb one.


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main reason- BADA! :(
wave has awesome specs with an amoled screen as well!! still samsung chose BADA as the OS and that was the let down.. lack of quality and apps!


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My bro had wave, he tried available android port but phone was not getting signal.
Its specs are same as galaxy s but os let us down, it had a brilliant camera picture quality is better than galaxy s.


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Well I used it for some 11 months and it was a goof one for sure. I mean the UI, it was smooth, light and silky. When T9-Trace was introduced I was amazed. Yes, idiot Samsung ignored 'bada', but it was a very good OS. I used version 1.0, I heard version 2.0 was also got released for it, so some more improvements might have taken place. Anyway, any day, anytime, I will place it way over a Fandroid one.


I have Wave for quite a while... If you are not particular about the smartphone features, this is an excellent feature phone with some limited smartphone capabilities... Basic problem is the limited range of apps...

With version 2, there are a lot of improvements in the interface and more apps are also available, but still it is not upto the mark in apps department... There were also a few nice features in version 1 that I miss in version 2...

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