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Samsung wave 3


Guys my friend is thinking about buying the wave 3 could you tell what are the pros and cons of that phone also are there any other better options available in that pricepoint


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At that price I would recommend you to get Sony Erricson Neo V. It will also get a Ice Cream Sandwitch upgrade. The reason I would suggest this over Bada is that I donot think that going for Bada is a good choice in long run. Samsung mostly bundles Android with their main phones. Bada is no.2 there.

Also another great option would be Samsung Omnia W. Great Windows Phone 7.5 phone. Sleek and a smooth UI. If restrictions like no file transfer over bluetooth is not a problem it is a great phone to get :wink:


I am having wave-II and based on my experience:

1. Good build quality
2. Good camera
3. Good display with gorilla glass
4. Good Media player
5. responsive interface, touch screen is good, no lag in interface
6. presently picsel smart office document editor is free
7. samsung ChatON
8. front camera (i never used it)
9. tv out

1. number of application are lesser than android/symbian, i miss skype, google maps, fring (nimbuz is available but only for text chat), whatsapp.
2. only few good games are free.
3. battery hardly lasts 2 days in single charge with normal use and if used heavily for browsing it may last one day only.
4. GPS locking is irritating, takes a lot of time

wave-3 has same bada OS (Bada 2.0), some of the pros/cons would be common for both the phones


It has BADA OS, and these days its time for Android, so the available options in that price bracket are:
Incredible S
Desire S
One V
Neo V
All costs around 16-18k
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