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Restoring boot options

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I have joined MCSE 2003 in an institute and since XP was the first os that we were supposed to learn we had to learn how to install and all that stuff (duh). So whatever why I started this thread is that all the pc's in our institute have 2003 server on them (various versions). So when my sir setup win xp the system doesnt boot into 2003 anymore. So I wanted to know if there is anyway that we could restore the config that used to run b4 coz my poor sir sits and reinstalls all the os back again :(


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well bro can u login into XP ???

if you can ..are u able to see contents of win2k3 ??

if you are then seems your boot file is corrupt ......Do this go to my comp-> right click........go to advanced options and click on edit boot.ini in notepad

now just add this line in the list

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(0)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Remember to change the No's accordingly

for eg ..

if ur 2k3 is on other hdd the make multi(0)disk(1)

and partition(1/2/3) according to partition on which 2k3 is installed for eg if its on d: make it 2....e: ..3 etc etc

see if it helps .....

also see this page for advanced info..and a Great Artical by Mitch Tulloch
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