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Restart Problem

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Hello !!
am having a problem of getting my PC restart whenever i start my MTNL connection. I have 2 LAN cards one is connected to the LAN of my friends and the second one i use for my MTNL broadband connection. In recent days whenever i am on my LAN network and then i start my ADSL router the windows suddenly restarts but the after restart it works fine with both connection on. I scanned my PC with NOD32 Antivirus but it does not show ne VIRUS. Please tell what could be the problem. The restart is a bit annoying.
Please help!!!!


Broken In
scan with other AV lik norton or any other & if still doesnt work ask ur MTNL guys to fix it,lastly u can also format ur windows fresh.


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As far as I know you cannot have two LAN connections on a computer, this may be causing problems with IRQ resouces. I presume that one LAN was inbuilt into your Mobo and the other is an add on card. Are both the LAN similar (Intel and Intel or Realtek and Realtek), IF they are they may be a driver conflict. If you are connecting more than one network using LAN, it is preferable to use a LAN switch
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