Restart.....DOnt knows?

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Hello guys, I have a situation here, listen up, I really Getting tired of this.

MY configuration is follows

Processor: Intel core 2 duo E6550-2.3 Ghz


Memory: 2 X 1GB DDR2

HDD: 160 GB Western Digital

I have bought this System last september.
I got new problem from last 2 MOnths, MY pc automatically Restarts For no reason.
I had Antivirus Installed in my PC and Really their was no threat in my pc, BUt something like Buffer overflow problem was found there by Macaffee firewall,
IT found that it s done by network service called RpcDcom.. it tries to connect some server again and again. If I Dont have firewall enabled , it slows down my connection and after some time my connection was totally vanished I cant open single webpage and if I disconnect even then that connection icon in system tray still there, i cant reconnect net , i have to restart pc at that time, but sometimes it automatically reastarts pc for no reason even I dont have connection enabled.

I was thinking that rpcDcom problem restarts my PC, so I formatted my C: drive and reinstall MY WIndows xp service pack 2, that rpcDcom problem is vanished ( I think so), Cause my net connection goes clean and fast........BUT that Restarts Problem Still there..............So I checked MY All connection and retighten all cables and Ram slots Except my processor...BUt Problem doesnt goes.

What to do guyz? Help ME If you can.....


1st...dont use Mcafee....its a memory hog and very slow...performance wise also it is not very good...if u want firewall then go for zone alarm.
2nd...when ur pc restarts do u get a blue screen??? sometimes its so quick that the blue screen flashes for hardly 1 keep an eye out for it....and if u see it, then in the top left portion, check what error is coming...
3rd...a more simpler way is that as u have 2 ram sticks, remove one and try..maybe one of those sticks have gone kaput.


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i have 2 ram and when my comp restarts it doent shows any blue screen, its just restarts as when power failure or like fluctuations occurs, plz help.
and what is mean by kaput?
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